Come. Be. Belize.

Come. Be. Belize.


BAKKATOWN is Back of Town.

This is where the local working people live.

Tourists stay in the high end properties on the reef side.

The lagoon is on the back of San Pedro Town, where the island is only 4 blocks wide in town.

What is BAKKATOWN Belize?

Situated on the edge of town and on the lagoon, BAKKATOWN Belize provides a safe and comfortable home in a safe local neighbourhood.

- Guests can live “with the Locals”.

- Eating and shopping at local shops.

- Meet people as they spend their days and evenings.

We provide economical accommodations for Travellers.

Travellers who want to spend their time and money on activities and experiences.

Travellers who do not want an expensive hotel room and tourist restaurant where the only locals they meet are the ones serving and cleaning up after them.

The people who want to experience what Belize has to offer and value the Experience.

BAKKATOWN Guest House, Tralapa and Hostel

BAKKATOWN Belize includes rental rooms and an outdoor restaurant.


Nine studio apartments with full kitchens and a terrace.


Seven single beds with a Lounge, shared bathroom and shower.


A casita which is a rebuilt travel trailer under a palapa – a TRAiler paLAPA.

Kitchen, living room and one bedroom plus 2 sofa beds

Terrace with swing overlooking the lagoon.

Outdoor Shower


Five take-out windows offering a variety of good value inexpensive foods for locals and travellers.

“A Traveller sees what he sees, the Tourist sees what he has come to see.”